Friday, June 09, 2006

A case of Urinary tract infection- Acute case presentation

A male child aged 5 years was brought to the consulting room with high grade fever since 4 days. The fever was not responding to the selected Homeopathic remedy. The patient had always responded very quickly in acute conditions and this was the first time that he was not responding.

As the fever was not responding the parents visited his Pediatrician in the morning but did not start the medication. They brought the child in the evening to the consulting room.

The fever was 103 degrees F the child was feeling cold and he was restless moving from one corner of the room to another. He was complaining of severe headache marked irritability was present. His complaints were aggravated by cold drinks, Fanning and he felt better when he was carried.

When we asked if the parents have observed anything in this course of 4 days the mother said as the fever increases the child starts feeling cold then his abdomen and back are very hot to touch but his Hands and feet are cold during the fever this was a very interesting symptom. There was also burning in the urine.

We had got him investigated
WBC count was high
Malarial parasite was absent
There was severe urine infection.

On examination
There was no neck rigidity present.
Respiratory system was clear
Throat was mildly congested
There was redness at the tip of the penis (external meatus)
Abdominal examination revealed no abnormality.
Patient was given Cantharis 30 2 pills to be repeated every 4 hourly but we asked them to stop the medicine as soon as he felt better. Even after 1 dose if he felt better they had to stop the medicine.

Next day the parents called and told that after giving just 1 dose his fever subsided and is much better. We examined the patient again after a week and he was totally back to normal.
LearningThe importance of history provided by the relatives or the near ones can be very crucial sometimes in clinching the right medicine. Importance of PQRS symptoms , reference to the materia medica and the repertory.
Case treated by Dr.Santosh Joshi
Homeopathic consultant

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Imp: Case presentation is for information purpose only.Please do not self medicate

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