Thursday, June 08, 2006

Case of involuntary urination in sleep

A case of a child aged four and a half years old. She suffered from involuntary urination at night in sleep as well as during daytime while sleeping. This was going on since the last 2 years. Her mother was very worried about the problem. There were no other complaints the child suffered from.

The child was very shy and during the whole case taking she didn’t utter a single word. She was just smiling and sat on the sofa next to her mother hiding for sometime. Then she used to peep and smile.

Her mother told that she had a very bad temper in anger she throws things, hits her elder sister. She is very stubborn and throws temper tantrums if she doesn’t get what she wants; she will weep for a longtime and wont listen for quiet sometime.

She is afraid of dogs, cats +3, darkness and being alone. She loves to dress up well, likes lipstick, henna, and nail polish. She loves traveling and is very happy while traveling.

She also has a habit of thumb sucking. Her mouth is always open. There is lot of extra hair growth on the body.

Personal history

Diet: Vegetarian

Appetite: good

Cravings: Sweets +2, Ice+2.cold chilled water.

Aversion: -


Sun: doesn’t aggravate
Fan: Wants on full mode
AC: likes
Bath; cold water in summers and warm in winters
Coverings: dislikes

Perspiration: Palms

Sleep and dreams: Sound sleep talks in her sleep. She sleeps in knee chest position.

Age of talking at 2years
Age of walking before 1 year.
The other milestones are not known.

Past History
Tongue tie operated at the age of 2 years.

Family history

Father 38 years No major illness
Mother: 35 years Hyperthyroidism
Paternal grandmother: Psoriasis
Paternal grandfather: Ischemic heart disease expired due to MI

On examination

Extra hair growth on the whole body
Tonsils enlarged
Keeps mouth open

No tenderness.
Lax abdomen


1. Medorrhinum 30 3 powder for 3 days
2. Sac lac 1-1-1 (Placebo) for 7 days

No bedwetting
Keeps mouth open
Thumb sucking continues
She didn’t talk even on this visit
Anger +++

Medorrhinum 30
3 powders for 3 nights

S.L (placebo)
1-1-1 7 days

No bedwetting
Anger is not much
She talked on this visit
There were no other complaints

The patient was put under observation for the next 5 months and the medicines were stopped. The patient’s mother comes for her treatment so she gives the feedback about her health when she comes. And the bedwetting problem has not recurred.

Last she reported in Sept 2005 and the child is good shape and also the extra hair growth has decreased.

Case treated by
Dr.Santosh Joshi
Homeopathic consultant.

Imp: Case presentation is only for informative purpose.Please do not self medicate.

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