Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Homeopathic treatment for Hyperactivity in Autism by Dr.Santosh Joshi

 Autism spectrum disorder is a complex neurodevelopmental disorder and it is one of the fastest-increasing developmental disorders in the world. As we are working in the field of Autism for more than 15 years we have seen how different issues cause hindrances in development. One such symptom is hyperactivity in children who are on the autism spectrum.

As therapy forms an integral part of the treatment of autism we have seen that if hyperactivity and sitting tolerance don't improve giving therapy can be challenging. Here Homeopathic treatment for hyperactivity in autism has been helpful in many such cases. Homeopathic medicines are safe and without any side effects.

One such case that we treated was of a child who would not sit in one place even for a few minutes and associated with it was stimming where the child used to make a loud noise. The parents had tried many things to control his hyperactivity but it was not coming under control. One of our patients referred them to us because we had helped their child who was also suffering from autism.

We took the case details and studied the medical assessments of the child. One symptom the parents told was the child loved music and it would calm him down to some extent. In Homeopathy we need to understand the peculiar symptoms of the individual to select the right remedy. So a complete case history is important, proper follow-up as advised should be followed.

In the above case, we were able to bring down the hyperactivity of the child, and not only did the child do good in therapy but also started to express himself by writing. He now goes to open school and is doing well overall.

So one should take the help of Homeopathy along with therapy which can give encouraging results. Any queries can be posted to us via drjoshi.autism@gmail.com and our webportal: drjoshis.com 


Saturday, June 17, 2023

Online Homeopathic treatment for Autism for patients in USA

over the past decade, we have helped children who are suffering from Autism and are unable to visit us personally due to the distance. Our expertise in Online Homeopathic treatment for more than 2 decades has come to their help.

Many of our patients come from the Indian American community and have knowledge about the benefits of Homeopathy. In India, we are seeing a steady increase in people who are opting for Homeopathy as there are no side effects or drug dependency.

Dr. Joshi's Centre for Autism is actively involved in promoting awareness about Autism and Early Intervention. We have also seen that an Integrated approach with Homeopathy-Nutrition and therapies have shown encouraging results.

Some of our patient's communities come from Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, and other states from where people have immigrated to the US. We provide complete Online treatment protocol with Homeopathy and the patients take the therapies and other interventions where they are staying.

Process :

Ask Query > Talk to Us with Prior appointment > Sign Up for treatment Plan > Login to the Portal > Fill the Homeopathic Case History form > Submit > Video Consultation with Dr.Joshis > Selecting the Homeopathic medicines > Shipping by DHL Express > Start Medicines > Follow Up Every Month.

As Autism is a complex neurodevelopmental disorder an Integrated treatment with Homeopathy - Nutrition and Therapy has shown encouraging results in our practice. Homeopathy is a safe and scientific mode of treatment that is practiced for more than 200 years. Homeopathy is an officially recognized mode of treatment in India and many other countries. 

Many times due to incomplete information about Homeopathy many parents do not look into the benefits Homeopathic medicines can offer. Our more than 15 years of Homeopathic practice in the field of Autism have

shown how Homeopathy can be useful in behavioral issues, Comprehension, Speech, and Sensory issues to name a few.

More information can be found on our Web portal drjoshis.com