Friday, December 01, 2017

Does Homeopathy help in treating Autism? By Dr.Santosh Joshi

Homeopathy the science which has given so much to the society yet the one which is commonly persecuted as placebo effect, it isn’t science so on and so forth. But we are not just believers we are a bunch of intellects who have seen the efficacy of the science and art when practised in the correct manner has yielded best results.
I have seen many cases where there was no hope to offer to the suffering, but Homeopathy came to their rescue. Homeopathy is a science based on sound scientific principles and has a complete pharmacopeia describing the effects of the medicines.
We get queries from all over the world for Homeopathic treatment for Autism, we have seen encouraging results with Homeopathic medicines, not only did these Homeopathic medicines were easy to give but also effective. No side effects, what else can one expect but still lot of those suffering kids do not get the benefit of Homeopathic medicines. Thanks to the bad publicity drive by so many from ulterior motives.
We at Dr. Joshi’s center for Autism are a strong advocate of Early intervention for autism, but we also advice to take Homeopathic medicines which enhances the whole treatment protocol. Homeopathic medicines help in improving the comprehension of the child, imagine a child who goes to the therapy but doesn’t sit in one place for even five minutes. When the right homeopathic medicine is given the same child can perform so well in the therapy sessions.
We take into consideration the reports by the Early intervention team and it also undergoes the detailed Homeopathic case taking which is an essential part to select the right homeopathic medicines that suits the individual. As homeopathic medicine is highly individualised we need to find the correct remedy that suits the individual, so it can make the positive impact on the individual and help in dealing with the disorder.
Some parents are worried about the distance how can Dr. Joshi’s center for Autism help patients in other parts of the world, but we have seen the complete treatment cycle from various countries and states and successfully implemented our treatment protocol seamlessly.
Homeopathic medicine can be given for long term without any side effects, and we have seen that the percentage of regression after improvement decreases.

Give your child the Homeopathic care and it can bring encouraging change and benefit the child in the long run. Time is precious don’t waste it.

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