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Frozen Shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) case – treated with Homeopathy

The patient came with the complaints of severe pain in the right shoulder .The complaints had started 3-4 months after being diagnosed with frozen shoulder the patient was put on painkillers and was also taking physiotherapy. Even after taking the medicines and the physiotherapy there was no change in the pain and it was worsening day by day.

The case came to me after they read about the other cases I had treated but there was lot of doubt in the patients mind .The husband had asked many questions about Homeopathy and how it works and will I be able to provide any relief? As we know a correct case history is very important if we have to solve the case I told the same thing to the patient if they co-operate we can provide a solution.

The patient said the pain is unbearable it is pulling and throbbing in character. The pain radiates from the shoulder to the forearm.
The following things aggravate the pain
Tight blouse
Continued motion
Lying on painful side
Cold weather

The patient feels better by bending backwards and supporting the hand.

The patient also suffers from osteoarthritis of the knees. There is severe pain in both the knees .The right knee was first affected and then the left knee was also involved.
The following things aggravate the pain in the kneesAscending stairs

The pain is better by
Continued motion
The patient also told that the swelling on the legs is also there for a longtime. Along with this the patient also wanted us to treat her severe hair fall, Swelling on the face.

The patient is staying in Mumbai city India and is a house maker .She says since recent her illness is a causing lot of anxiety .She is unable to sleep due to the pain. She feels how she is going to manage the housework and to add to this their maid has stopped coming for work.
The patient is very anxious by nature small things can also cause lot of anxiety for e.g. if the husband, or children do not come back home on time she will be very worried. She wont sleeps till everyone has returned back even if it is late at night she will wait. There are lots of negative thoughts that come to her mind like they must have met with an accident or something must have gone wrong. There is lot of anticipatory anxiety.

The patient also worries about his son who is 25 years plus and she feels he is too straight forward and how he will deal with the world.

As a child she was very obstinate she wanted things her way otherwise she would be very angry. She is very attached to her family her brothers and sisters. She was very scared of her father but was very much attached to him emotionally. It came as a big shock to her when he passed away she cannot forget this event and this depresses her sometimes. When asked what thoughts come she said she is afraid of the diseases.

The relationship with her husband is very good. There are no problems on this front. The patient also has the habit of preserving things even old things, which are of no use she will preserve for years together. Also she cannot spend her money easily.

During the case taking the patient was so anxious that she asked me many times will she get alright? The intensity of the anxiety was very strong. On observation there was swelling under the eyes, pigmentation on the face was present.

At the end of this she said I forgot to tell one thing that she is very scared of snakes and also gets dreams of snakes. So from the above history her remedy was very clear.

Personal history

Diet: Vegetarian
Appetite: good
Cravings: Pickles, Spicy food
Aversion: Sweets
Thirst: drinks only during her meals
Urine: N
Stools: N
Menses: Menopause. Uneasiness hot flushes do occur now also
Thermally feels cold on the whole
Perspiration: profuse after menopause

Investigation reports
USG abdomen: Normal
X-ray of the shoulder joint showed reduction of space in the right shoulder joint
S.creatinine: 0.8mg/dl
Blood urea nitrogen (BUN): 15
S.triglycerides: 202 mg/dl
S.Cholestrol: 184 mg/dl
Blood sugar levels were normal

On examinationBlood pressure: 140/90 mm of Hg
Teeth carries few of them have been removed
Hair loss severe
Bilateral pedal edema (swelling on the legs)
Cracking of the knee joints
Pigmentation on the face
Swelling below the eyes

Medicines given
1) 30c
3 doses

Pain better by 15-20 %
Sleep has improved
Continue the same treatment
14 days

Pain has reduced further
Restricted movement has improved little. Can sleep well.
Continue the same treatment
14 days

Pain better by 80%
Can make movement of the hand without any difficulty
Pain in the knees has reduced.
Swelling has reduced
Anxiety is better
Feeling better overall.
Patient was put on Placebo
For 1 month

Patient was put under observation after 1 month, as there were no complaints as such. Patient reported with overall improvement in the month of February 2007.Also there is a marked improvement in the anxiety levels and she is able to relax and find the solution to a problem. The right Homeopathic medicines will help the person recover to healthy and harmonious state of health.

The above case was treated by Dr.Santosh Joshi who practices Classical Homeopathy in Mumbai city India.
The above case is for information purpose only please do not self medicate.

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Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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I seldom leave comments on blog, but I have been to this post which was recommended by my friend, lots of valuable details, thanks again.

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can Kali bi can be tried by all for frozen shoulders? I am having other medication rheumassan tablets for 2/3 weeks comprising mainly rhus tox.

Dr.Santosh Joshi said...

Dear Mukundan,

Hi ! The remedy that is selected is based on the individuality of the patient.Kali bi will help if it matches your constitution.Only the correct Homeopathic remedy that suits your constitution will help in recovering.

So if you want to take Homeopathic medicines you should give a complete case history so we can find the right medicine that suits your constitution.Please do not self medicate.

You can take consultation from us also.Please write to

Best wishes and a Happy new year.

Dr.Santosh Joshi

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Hello.... i am visiting this post first time but i really like this post.
frozen shoulder treatment in delhi.

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Dr.Naval thanks for your kind words and appreciation.Regards, Dr.Joshi