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Dr.Joshi’s Specialized Homeopathic treatment for Autism spectrum disorder - Treated Cases

Case of  autism (Case 1)

An interesting case of a young boy staying in United States diagnosed with Autism. This boy was very talented and he has exemplary skills in playing the piano but was very hyperactive and the attention span was very less. There was lack of comprehension, certain sensory issues, putting the hands to the ears, arranging things in one order, lack of eye contact were few of the major concerns.

The parents were very co operative and they send us video clippings and we also had a video chat to understand the case as they were separated by distance, in such cases we take the help of modern technology which has been a boon in building these gaps. They were also provided with the Dr.Joshi’s specialized Homeopathic case taking format for Autism.

On careful analysis and evaluation of the child following were the characteristic symptoms that were taken into consideration for treatment:

  • Sleep position: Knee chest position
  • Feels very hot want the Air conditioner on most of the times
  • Likes to keep himself uncovered even when it is very cold
  • Craving for Ice

Homeopathic Remedy given:

The child was prescribed Medorrihnum 200c one dose once in 15 days for 1 month was prescribed.

What we were able to achieve in this case:

The child showed marked improvement in all the faculties, the child was under our treatment for 2 years and he has recovered so much that he tops the school and goes to a normal school with special attention is provided to him. He has been playing his piano and has excelled in it. We are very happy that with the right Homeopathic medicine we could treat this child and bring the best in him.

Parent’s role
The parents were extremely co operative in giving case history as per Dr.Joshi’s specialized Homeopathic case taking format for Autism. This helped us in finding the right Homeopathic remedy that suited the child’s constitution. They also gave regular feedbacks and followed Dr.Joshi’s Specialized Homeopathic Treatment process for Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) as per the instructions.

A severe case of Autism( Case 2)

This is a case of 11 years old girl who is a severe case of autism there is absolutely no social interaction the child is lost in her own world. The child is very close to nature and she is very comfortable when she is out in the open .She will move around the park and will be very peaceful. She also loves to be on swings and just loves the rocking movement that is to and fro.

The main cause of concern in this child was the severe head banging she would do when she didn’t get what she wanted or it would be without any relevant cause. The head banging was so severe that it used to cause swelling on the head.

There was also a separation anxiety and she is very attached to her parents and was also attached to a maid who unfortunately quit the job and this had also led to lot of adjustment problems with the new maids. She used to spit and bite the new maids as they didn’t understand what she actually wanted.

The eating habits are also very poor she takes selected food besides that she won’t take anything else. Adjusting to a new place or a new person is also very problematic. She loves to listen to music and will also hum few of the songs. Speech is limited to very few words, and she follows few commands but this is also very minimal.

Parent’s role
The parents were very co operative in giving the complete case history .They also gave regular feedback and followed Dr.Joshi’s Specialized Homeopathic Treatment process for Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) as per the instructions. This helped us in finding the right remedy that suited the child.

Remedy given
The remedy that was prescribed and which helped was Kali.carb it was given in the 200c potency. After giving this the head banging has stopped. The child is still under our treatment.

The Happy Child( Case 3 )

This child was very cheerful when he came to our consultation he is a 3 years old boy. The parents consulted us after reading the article on how homeopathy can help in Autism.

In this case the parents were very anxious about what holds for the child in the future. They wanted to know if their son will ever talk again as it was traumatic for them to accept that a child who was talking suddenly stops speaking anything.

The parents were even more worried after they visited a therapist who just told them about autism without explaining that there is always a future with therapy and treatment.

The child was very hyperactive and was running from one corner to the other constantly, there was minimal eye contact and he didn’t obey commands at all. He also had the habit of spitting and playing with the spit, there was no grip for holding a pen or pencil. The child had tremendous fear of darkness; he also played with his genitals which used to cause lot of embarrassment to the parents.

The remedy that was prescribed was Strammonium LM 3 this was his constitutional remedy we later followed it up with Bacillinum after few months when there was no progress happening in the case

Parent’s role

The parents are very understanding about what can be expected from Dr.Joshi’s Specialized Homeopathic Treatment . They have accepted the reality and are working on a realistic goal that will be the best thing for the child. They are very regular in their follow ups and giving feedback. They take the child regularly to the therapy school which is doing a fantastic job.

What we were able to achieve in this case

  • There is marked improvement in the eye contact
  • The child follows most of the commands
  • The child can hold the pencil and write few alphabets
  • His babbling is getting converted into vocalization
  • He expresses his anger and happiness
  • He also shakes hands with us when he leaves the consultation room

In the above case we were able to apply all the modalities in treating a case. We are very happy to achieve he desired result and we are confident that the child will improve further he is still under our treatment.

Brief about Dr.Santosh Joshi
Dr.Joshi runs a Classical Homeopathic practice in the city of Mumbai India. He has treated children suffering from Autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, behavioral disorders in children and chronic incurable cases with good success for the past 12 years. Dr.Joshi is an active speaker and has spoken at Homeopathic conferences and also made case presentation of successfully treated cases, his articles are also published in Newspapers, Medical journals both national and international. Currently he is working on his project in developing a school for autism to provide independent life and learning for the special children.

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