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Together let’s do something – World Cancer Day 2012

‘Together let’s do something’ is the 2012 World Cancer Day theme so let’s do our bit to make a healthy society. Preventive measures can play a major role in reducing the sufferings of Cancer and deaths.
World Cancer Day 2012 has been themed Together let’s do somethingbecause it is only by every person, organization, government individually doing their part that the world will be able to reduce premature deaths from cancer and other Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) by 25% by 2025.(UICC).

We all dread the word Cancer the first thought that hits us is suffering and death. But we have living legends that have conquered over the disease by their will power, the desire to live and the proper medical aid. The most important step in Cancer treatment is the early detection which can really be a boon to treat the disease. But certain types of cancer are fast spreading even if they are detected early the prognosis is grim.

In all types of Cancer dietary management plays an important role to reduce the sufferings and achieve the desired results in the treatment protocol. We will put some light on the dietary management of cancer. The disease comes as a shock when one comes to know that they are suffering from the dreaded disease. Due to this shock and fear the first thing that is affected is the diet of the person.

Diet plays an important role during the treatment process which can be draining and which leaves the body weak and drained out. Cancer can affect any part of the body and its dietary management may vary from the form of cancer and the treatment protocol. For e.g. a person suffering from lung cancer will have to eat food that strengthens the respiratory and immune system of the body to avoid the infections which can cause major complications. In such cases the person should be careful in taking a proper diet and avoid the food that may trigger cold, throat infections etc. 

Similarly for patients suffering from colon cancer one needs to eat food that is easily digested and which is high in fiber and the stool formation will be soft and easy to eliminate and pass through the intestine.

Dietary management for Cancer patients should not be self implemented always consult a qualified Nutritionist who will guide you in the right way. Your Nutritionist will provide you a clinical diet chart taking into consideration your medical history and other essential health parameters.

In our experience for the past 11 years we have been able to help lot of cancer patients with palliative care through Classical Homeopathy & Dietetics. We have relieved patient’s pain with right Homeopathic medicines and without side effects. 

Another important role is to counsel the family and the person suffering, sometimes a simple heart to heart talk can do a lot of difference to the suffering and relieve his emotional burden and make him peaceful.

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5 Diet tips for Healing

Diet Tip1: A cup of fresh Wheat grass juice is packed with antioxidants and it gives lot of strength.  

Diet Tip 2: Whole green gram (Moong) gives lots of strength and contains lots of easily digestible good quality proteins.

Diet Tip 3: Bottle gourd juice it helps calm the digestible system after the chemotherapy.

Diet Tip 4: Eat varieties of berries, berries of different color provides different antioxidants which help to remove the free radicals (A known cause for cancer).and it cleanses the toxins.

Diet Tip 5: Eat nuts everyday – A few nuts will help when one has no desire to eat these tiny little nuts are packed with energy, fats and proteins that will give lot of strength for a long time.

*Consult a Nutritionist or your Physician before you incorporate any of the tips in your diet.

We bring health to you…

Written by:
Dr.Santosh Joshi & Dr.Varsha Joshi
Classical Homeopaths & Nutritionist

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