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Cervical spondylitis treated with Homeopathy

A case of 37 years old female patient who came to us with severe pain in the cervical region (neck) .The pain started on the left side and radiates to the arm and the forearm. Along with this the patient also experiences tingling and numbness in the arm. Now the complaints have started on the right arm too.
The complaints are aggravated by
  • Raising the hand upwards
  • Lifting heavy things
  • In Sleep
The complaints are ameliorated by massage and pressure. Besides this there is stiffness of the fingers in the morning which becomes bearable after some movement.
The patient also had lot of hair fall and it falls in bunches. She said the texture of the hair has also changed in the past few years.
She said she has lot of tensions and is anxious about the future. She feels who will take care of them when they grow old .She has a daughter and she is very attached to her she becomes anxious if she goes out or doesn’t come home on time. There are lot of negative thoughts about accident and marked fear of death.
Due to this anxiety she saves her money and if her husband spends money she becomes very angry. Due to this the relation with her in-laws are strained as her father in law spends lot of money which she doesn’t like at all even though he earns his own money.
Relations with her husband are very good but since the last 3-4 years she feels neglected in the family. All these things she cannot express it to anybody so there is lot of internal anger. She feels since marriage she has become very sad.
She cannot trust anybody and is very suspicious by nature. Emotionally she is very sensitive if somebody says something wrong she cannot forget it easily. When she is angry she prefers to stay alone but she will always express her anger. If somebody tries to console her she doesn’t like it .Revengeful feeling is there but she never takes revenge.
As a child she was the youngest in the family and was a pampered child she got whatever she wanted. She is scared of water, snakes, and dogs. She had a emotional shock when her sister passed away due to cancer. Even now he misses her.
What we observed was that the lady was wearing over sized clothes. When we asked why she was wearing so loose clothes she said she feels very uncomfortable if she wears tight clothes. She removes her earrings, bangles and chain while sleeping otherwise she feels suffocated this was the case history that we got.
Personal history
Diet: Vegetarian
Cravings: Sour things, Salty things, south Indian food.
Aversion: Milk
Thirst: Sips of water
Sun: Cannot bear sun it lead to headache
Fan: likes
AC: Likes
Coverings: takes covers
Bath: Lukewarm water
Season: likes winters
Menses: Regular. Sometimes clots are there in the flow. Since the last 8 months there is lot of abdomen pain before the periods and she feels better as the flow starts.
Sleep and dreams: Sleeplessness.
Dreams of daughter has lost
Sex: Relations are good
On examination
Wt: 55kgs
B.P: 100/60 mm of Hg
Pigmentation on the face
Graying of hair
Pain in the left ankle
Swelling in the cervical region
Past history
Forceps delivery
Kidney ailment sin childhood
Family history
Father: 75 years Bronchial asthma
Mother: 67 years Diabetes mellitus
Eldest sister: Diabetes’s, Hypothyroidism
2nd sister: Ca.esophagus expired
3rd Sister: Depression

Treatment given
Lachesis LM 3
7 powders in the morning
Burning sensation and pain in the back
Pain Better
Earache left ear to right ear
Pain comes suddenly and goes suddenly
Continue the same treatment
Sleep is better
Pain aggravated suddenly since yesterday night
Burning of the eyes
Pain in the ears better
Continue the same medicines
Sleep is better
Pain in the right shoulder
Anxiety has reduced
Mild earache
Lachesis LM3 dissolved in 16 tablespoon of water and 1 tablespoon every morning
The patient reported almost after a month .reason was there was no pain or any problems so she thought there was no need for the medicines.
We told her we will give her 2 weeks medicines so if there is any pain or discomfort she should call us and we will let her know which medicines have to be taken.

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The above case is for information purpose only in no case shall one self medicate.

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