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Lichen planus – treated with Classical Homeopathy

The patient came with the complaints of eruptions on the legs ,waist and on the soles.The complaints had started two and a half years back.The eruptions first appeared on the right leg and then have spread to the waist and the soles.The eruptions are very painful and there is lot of scaling of the skin.

The complaints are aggravated by the following conditions
In a closed place

Following conditions give partial releif to him
Cold water application
Uncovering the part

Along with the itching there is severe burning sensation in the affected area.

The patient also is suffering from Tinea versicolor along with Lichen planus.

There were no other complaints besides this.

The emotional nature of the patient is as follows.

The patient is very anxious by nature .If his family members do not come on time he becomes very anxious.He will have lot of negative thoughts like ; have they suffered from accident ? or something must have gone wrong.He will immediately call the person concerned and confirm if they are safe.If this is not possible then till the time they do not come back he will be very anxious.

Also he has lot of anticipatory anxiety .He thinks what will happen to his family if he dies suddenly ? He is very attached and pocessive about his family members.

At the professional level he is from an engineering background.He was working with a company for 18 years and held a good position.But suddenly the company closed down due to heavy losses.This created a huge setback and also caused lot of insecurity.Due to the shutdown there was financial crisis in his family life.This went on for a few months.

Then the company made arrangements for temporary jobs in a government office but here they were kept on a temporary job.Due to this his salary was reduced from what he used to earn and also the constant fear that what if he is removed from the job.How will he suppourt his family this causes a lot of anxiety and also increses his complaints.

This is going on in his life for the last 5 years.Out of frustration he becomes angry sometimes and blasts out in front of his collegues.He is also very sensitive by nature.

As a child he was staying in a small village .He was very shy as a child but he used to be very angry by nature.He used to get into physical fights,used to break things.He never shared his things with anybody.He was very pocessive about his things.

He used to be afraid of his father as he was very strict besides this there were no fears as such.Also he is very fastidious he wants all the things in order otherwise will get angry.

Relations with his parents ,wife and children are very good.

Personal history
Diet : Non-vegetarian
Craving : Fish,Sweets, salt, Eggs
Aversion: excess of oil in the food

Sun : causes burning of the skin,uneasiness and headache
Fanning : likes
Air conditioner : O.k
Covering : takes covers
Bath : Lukewarm water
Season : likes all seasons

Urine : normal
Stools : normal

Thirst : large quantities of water
Perspiration : Not much Palms and soles

Sleep and dreams disturbed.Dreams of going to a function.

Past histiry
Uric acid levels were elevated

Family history
Father (76 years) No major illness
Mother : ( 69 years ) Hypertensive

On examination
Eruption on the lower limbs ,waist,gluteal region with scaling.Fungal infection in the armpits.Eruptions are of Lichen planus
Swelling below the eyes was marked
Blood pressure was within the normal range
Throat was congested
Teeth caries and few of them have been removed.



1) 30c 3 doses for 3 nights
2) Sac.lac
3) Sac.lac
2pills 4 hourly for itching
14 days
The patient called up to give a feedback.
Marginal improvement in the eruptions.
Anxiety had reduceddd.
Itching and burning was less by 25 %
Sleep was better.
Same doses were continued as above for another 14 days.
Patient came with improvement in the eruption.Also the itching and burning was reduced to a marked level.
Patient was feeling better emotionally and sleeping well.
He wanted medicines for a longer period.
Patient was put on placebo for 1 month and was asked to report after the medicines got exhausted or if there was an acute problem.

However the patient never reported back after the last prescription.we came to know after a few months from the person who had referred him to us that he was much better and due to some reasons he has not reported back.Anyways we were happy to know he had recovered from his illness.

Treated by
Dr.Santosh Joshi
Classical Homeopathic
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The above case is for reference only please dont self medicate.


menopausal_ballerina said...

I had Lichen planus in 2009, december, and was treated/cured with an ayurvedic treatment which lasted approximately 4 months. (the symptoms and rawness of skin seemed to have gone in about a month, but the treatment continued)

At present my aunt who resides in the USA has been suffering from the symptoms of LP for around 6 months. Almost a month ago, she started following a homeopathic treatment (under the advise/prescriptions of a doctor in india). Unfortunately the last 2 weeks was a very intense and stressful phase(death in family, a lot more that the usual load of responsibilities etc), which i suspect aggravated the condition.

She is concerned that the treatment is not working. (As mentioned, it is almost a month since she started it) She has been following it properly ie: eliminating all that was asked to be eliminated from her diet like alcohol etc.

My question is, is it too early to see any improvement? Since i recently faced a similar situation she wants to know whether she should just give up and see an allopathic dermatologist. While on the treatment i was on, i could see an improvement within about 4 days. (no new spots, and the oil gave great relief)

The itching seems to have worsened and the skin is broken/watery/with pus in some areas.

Is it possible that the treatment is not correct? Or do we need to just be patient and wait?

Dr.Santosh Joshi said...

Hi ! Sometimes due the stress the LP can increase and during such phases the Homeopath will give acute phase remedies to handle the aggravated condition.It also differs from patient to patient.

In Homeopathy the right medicine will definately help in treating the ailment.Some cases do take more time as the response to the treatment also depends upon the immunity of the person.

It is best to talk with the treating doctor and clarify.

Warm regards,