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Failure to thrive (FTT)-Treated with Homeopathy

A two and a half years old girl was brought to our consulting room for the complaints of very low appetite ,improper development in hieght and weight.The child weighed 9 kilograms and the hieght was 80cms.The child has no other major health issues but this has become a cause of concern as nothing has seemed to work to improve the above complaints.

The child is a hyperactive child she cannot sit in one place even for a short period of time.if she wants something she wont compromise on it she will throw temper tantrums if she doesnt get what she wants.There are also breath holding spells during certains episodes and she turns blue (Cyanosis).She is very obstinate by nature.

When she is angry she will shout at the top of her voice she will throw things.If someone consoles her during this period she will feel much better .She is very poccessive about her things she wont give her things or share them with her friends or her elder sister.

She loves to dance and listen to music.she is an extrovert will mix easily with people .One of the other characteristics was that she was absolutely fearless there is no fear of anything.

In the family history the Father had a cleft palate and Chronic otitis media.Mother has no major illnesses.Grandmother (maternal ) passed away due to Cancer.Besides this there is no other information as far as the family history is concerned.

She was a unplanned child but the mother and father were very happy when they came to know about the same.There were no major tensions during the pregnancy.It was a Full term normal delivary.

Developmental milestones
Birth weight : 2.75 kgs
Age of walking : before 1 year
Age of talking : after 1 year
Eruption of first teeth : 6 months
Closing of fontanelles : not known

Her father told she used to fall a lot while walking.

Personal history
Diet : Vegetarian
Craving : Sweets ,Rice- likes to eat raw rice, ice eats a lot of eat and loves it.
Aversion : Vegetables

Sun : doesnt cause any problems
Fan : Loves faning
Air conditioner : loves
Bath : Luke warm water
Coverings : Doesnt like to take covers at all.She feels very hot on the whole.She loves to keep her feet out of the covers when she is sleeping even in cold weather

Sleep and dreams
Sleeps in Knee chest position.She is very restless in her sleep.Sometimes she talks in her sleep.She cannot tell what she dreams of.

On examination
Nose bridge is depressed
Extra hair growth on the body
Weight :9 kgs
Hieght: 80cms
Mild enlargement of the sub mandibular glands
Tongue mild white coating



Medorrhinum 30c
8powders 2 doses in a week

Hyperactivity has decreased
Restlessness in sleep has decreased
Appetite slight change in the appetite
Continue the above medicnes for 1 month

Patient eating well
Overall better
Continue the above medicines for 1 month

After this the patient was put on Placebo for another 1 month.She is growing very well.The patient is still under our treatment under observation.

Case treated by Dr.Santosh Joshi who practices Classical Homeopathy in Mumbai city India

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