Monday, June 12, 2006

Pre menstrual tension state & Role of Homeopathy

It is a state in which some women suffer from irritability, anger at trifles, mood swings, lassitude, sleeplessness, headache, nausea, constipation, bloating of the body (edema).Breast become painful, lumpy and tender. These symptoms are observed 7-8 days prior to the menstrual cycle in some women. These symptoms are relieved after the onset of the menstrual flow.

The exact cause is unknown. In some women there is excess of salt water retention which is commonly expressed by the patient as bloating of the body. This is considered to be due to some hormonal imbalance. The condition is considered to be of psychosomatic nature.

The lady is provided with adequate rest. Proper diet should be given. The patient should do yoga which will help.

Role of Homeopathy
Homeopathy can be the answer to your long standing PMS symptoms. Have you ever wondered how you can get rid of the PMS symptoms which you have to bear every month?

Homeopathy provides the solution for your PMS symptoms for which you have to give the complete case history. We have to understand the minutest details of your Mind, Body and the spiritual side of your being.

You may wonder how these details are going to help. As we are well aware that our body works as a unit; when we are in a diseased state we say “Iam not feeling well” do we say? “My Lungs are sick or my liver is sick”; the answer is “No”. So the medicine which is given should be based on considering how your constitution is and according to it you should get the medicine. That is exactly how homeopathy works we take into consideration all the aspects of your constitution and then prescribe the medicine.

Let us consider this case of lady it was a case of Bronchial asthma which the patient was suffering from many years. Now you might be thinking what is link between PMS and asthma please read the case further. We took the case in details and after analysis and evaluation gave her the constitutional remedy. The patient reported at the follow up that she was feeling much better over all.

We asked her in what way you felt better? She said her asthmatic attacks were better. The interesting part she told later she said doctor I used to have tremendous suicidal thoughts, Anger without any reason she used to fight with her husband for no reason, there was heaviness in the breast and causeless weeping before her menstrual cycle. She said all these symptoms have disappeared and I have not told you about these symptoms during my case history. Then how is it that they have disappeared is it because of the medicines for asthma?

This is the beauty of homeopathy we explained her that when we give the constitutional medicine it just sets the imbalanced state of the person into a balanced and harmonious state as it was when she was in a healthy state. It does so as the Homeopathic medicines act at the Psycho neuro endocrinal axis. Once the imbalance is corrected all the other functions get back to their harmonious state. So even if you forget to tell certain symptoms those issues will also be taken care of; so please give all the details even the stupidest thing might help in coming to the right medicine.

We are interested in knowing what makes you different from others so we can find the right constitutional medicine. Homeopathic medicines are non toxic, effective, evidence based and safe medicines which act in a rapid and gentle way. We are committed in bringing health to you and making a healthy harmonious world.

Article written by
Dr.Santosh Joshi.
Homeopathic consultant

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