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A Case of Alopecia areata and Depression

The patient came to me with the complaints of total loss of hair in five different areas on the scalp. This had started in July 2000.

The hair fall was severe. Another interesting symptom was there is pain when the hair is touched ++.

The other complaints the patient described were Tension, Stress, Depression, Constipation, Severe headache, and Regular nose blockage, overweight and severe backache.

She had mentioned the following points; she is short tempered and gets angry easily, Sentimental, Emotional, Deep thinker, Helpful, Practical and intellectual. The patient wants to be very successful in life she is in to the fashion designing profession. The hurdles experienced were that things are not going in the way they should go.

She had lot of friends and she said she is close with one of them. She doesn’t open up easily to anybody. She is helpful to others but she doesn’t expect much because when she has expected she has got negative results. She says I am quite a social person.

On further case taking the patient told she becomes depressed, may be because she is at home. She gets hurt easily and is dissatisfied and unhappy .She weeps when she is alone and feels better after it.

At this point there was a short silence and then she said there was a break up with her close friend recently with whom she had plans to get married but she had never told these things to him. As he was unaware of her feeling he one fine day told her that he is carrying on with another girl and this was like a shock to the patient. The patient says she cannot forget him.

She becomes angry and retaliates, she feels like throwing things and breaking them but she controls her anger. If somebody tries to console her she just cannot bear it. It aggravated all her complaints.

The question of how the childhood was put? Then she told she wanted things her way but they never were the way she wanted. She wanted her parents to pamper her a lot but never did so .She felt very bad about it. She also had a younger brother who was pampered a lot. She feels there is nobody on her side.

She also has lot of suicidal impulses but she says she cannot commit it. The sleep is disturbed and she gets scary dreams like falling in a valley and somebody is pulling her down, Dreams of her X-lover. She has fear of animals, Dogs. She dislikes going in a crowd. There is lot of insecurity, which she was feeling. She dislikes wearing tight clothes.

Personal history

Diet: Non vegetarian
Appetite: Good
Cravings: Pickles +, raw onions
Aversions: Lot of spicy food
Sun: Headache which is aggravated +5 when she goes out in sun
Fan: Likes
Ac: Likes
Coverings take one covering.
Bath: cold water
Season: - -
Perspiration: ++ generalized on the body

Multiple areas of total hair loss in around 5 areas on the scalp
B.P: 120/80 mm of Hg
Dark rings around eyes

Symptoms considered

Ailments from: Love Disappointed, unhappy
Forsaken feeling
Weeping tendency
Frightful Dreams
Suicidal disposition
Consolation Agg
Headache Sun from exposure to: Agg
Hair fall
Hair painful when touched


Natrum.mur 200
1 powder to be taken at night
6 powders of S.L were given

Patient said she feels better. When asked in what way she told;
her sleep was better
Headache was much better
Hair fall there was no change

Sac lac 7 powders night

• Complaints were much better
• The hair fall was better now.
• There were no headaches.
• Her moods are much better.
• Her depressed feeling is much better.

The patient was put on S.L for 3 weeks


The patient came in a very happy mood. She told that new hair have started coming in the bald parts.

When I saw there were small hair growing in from all the areas of hair loss.

The patient has started a new assignment and the feeling of anger and the most important fact is that she is looking forward to have someone in her life. She had got over her one-sided love affair.

Ct all for 4 weeks


This time she came with complaints of pain in the sacral region.

There is an eruption on the back.
She told some years back she had these eruptions, which had been treated with ointments by a Skin specialist and an orthopedic
Surgeon treated the pain.
These were the old symptoms,
Which had returned?
I was very happy to see the cure-taking place in such a wonderful way, as this was the beginning of my practice.

I continued the same treatment.

Ct all for 2 weeks


The complaints had settled.
By this time there was a good hair growth and the hair fall is much better as was told by the patient.

She was put on S.L for 4 weeks

The patient came and reported regularly for routine visits and she also referred many patients to me. One of the other interesting things I found out was … Her mother who came to me is an out an out Sepia personality and she is very much indifferent to her daughter even now.

She wants to get her married as soon as possible and she says she is a burden on the family in front of her daughter .But the daughter now doesn’t bother she told me she is worried for me. So our old patient has come out of depression and now she is able to solve her problems on her own.
This was the point where I told the patient to visit only if there is any problem. The patient came to me for 6 months and recovered totally from her complaints.
Key: S.L : Sacharrum lactis (Placebo)

Case treated by
Dr.Santosh R.Joshi
Homeopathic Consultant

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Important : The case presentation is for information purpose only.Please do not self medicate .

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