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A case of Allergic rhinitis

A case of allergic rhinitis with a past history of bronchial asthma in the childhood. He has been suffering from cold +3, sneezing, lacrymation and watery nasal discharge since the last 6 months. The patient was under allopathic medication earlier which gave him temporary relief.

The sneezing starts suddenly and it is aggravated after Bathing +3, Dust mites, Cold drinks, change of weather. If he takes warm tea he feels relieved for sometime. During this episode he feels cold +3.he has an aversion to fanning. He feels thirsty and takes about a glass of water at a time.

The patient said this was the only thing that was bothering him as he was not getting alright inspite of taking medicines.

We had given him a case history form and had asked to write down all the things in details. He had written down the history in a very methodical way. Currently he is working in his fathers manufacturing unit of liquid fertilizers. He got his bachelors degree in science with Physics as the special subject in the year 2002 and he joined his fathers business as he was interested in it since his childhood.

He says he is happy with his job and informs us that the business is at the peak in the rainy season and very low for the rest of the year. He utilizes his time in learning something new he has been learning accounting in his spare time.

The patient is very mild by nature .When we enquired about his childhood he said it was a very happy childhood, He would love playing in the rain, hang out with his friends. He was average in his studies but he liked to study. He was interested in his fathers business.

He mixed easily with people but never expressed himself when he got angry. He
doesn’t tell anyone if he is angry.

He has a marked fear of darkness and ghost. In darkness he feels that the ghost will come and catch him. He also feels that someone is behind

The he went on to describe his family there are 4 members in his family Father, mother, elder brother and he himself. His father has undergone a difficult life as his father expired when he was just 10 years of age. He faced lot of hardships but he developed his current business and there were lots of ups and downs in it. During this time he developed the habit of drinking and to the date he drinks half a bottle of whisky everyday. He is suffering from hypertension and is under antihypertensive.

Father is very strict and wants things done on time otherwise he becomes angry. His mother used to work in the reserve bank of India and has retired she suffers from Diabetes and is on insulin. His elder brother is working as a systems engineer and is in good health. He shares a good relationship with all of them.
Past history
Bronchial asthma during the attack he used to be relieved by sitting up.

Personal history

Diet: Vegetarian.
Appetite: good
Cravings: Sweets, Curd rice, ladyfingers.
Aversion: Peas
Sun: doesn’t aggravate
Fan: likes only in summers
AC: ok
Bath: cold water in summers, warm water in winters and monsoons.
Covering: Covers himself.

Perspiration: doesn’t perspire much
Thirst: good
Urine: N
Stool: N

We also enquired about his birth weight which was 9pounds.Rest of the milestones were not known.

On examination
Mild trembling
Throat +4
Teeth caries+5
Nose congested +3
Dark rings around the eyes
Wt: 74 kgs
B.P:120/88 mm of Hg

1) Arsenic. alb 30
3 powders at night
2) S.L 1-1-1
3) S.L 2pills 4 hourly
For 7 days

Feeling better. Watery discharge from nose better
O/e throat congested +3

Continue the same treatment. Was advised to take the powders only if required.

Retrosternal burning since 1 month it occurs sometimes so didn’t tell us. Felt better after vomiting.
Cold is much better.
1)Nux.vomica 30
1powder was given
rest was Sac.Lac (Placebo)
for 7 days.

Much better
Patient was put on placebo for 7 days
Feels better 75 %

Ct all 7 days

No cold
No Acidity
No nose block
O/e throat congested +2
Ct all 7 days

The patient was much better and there were no complaints the throat congestion has also become better. So the patient was advised to come to us as and when reqired.At this point we discontinued the treatment.

The patient called after 6 months just to inform that he has been well all these days.
Case treated by
Dr.Santosh Joshi
Homeopathic consultant

Imp: Please do not self medicate.Case presentation is for information purpose.

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